7 Anointings of the Atonement (book)

Seven feasts, three seasons, and one day—that is the thumbnail sketch of the feasts of God listed in the Bible. There are three groupings of feasts in God’s celestial calendar involving seven separate feasts. But none of them are as significant as the one day that was regarded as more important than any other in ancient Israel—the Day of Atonement.
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The great Day of Atonement is the centerpiece of God’s final commanded feast season of the year: the Feast of Tabernacles. It’s an appointed time on His celestial calendar for God’s people to repent of everything that has hindered their walk with the Lord. On the other side of repentance, He promises to release seven extraordinary anointings into the lives of His people.

Dr. Rod Parsley provides his keen insight into the origin of God’s holiest day and the seven anointings of the Atonement – and why it’s more important than ever for believers to honor it today.

Chapters include:

1 Double Portion

2 Financial Breakthrough

3 Restoration

4 Special Miracles

5 Divine Presence

6 Family Blessing

7 Deliverance

BONUS: Message disc included with book

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