Idolatry in America Bundle

The bundle includes both the Idolatry in America book plus the sermon series.
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Idolatry in America book

In Idolatry in America, Dr. Rod Parsley dives into the timeless wisdom of Jeremiah 50:38, illustrating the consequences of idolatry that befell the ancient kingdom of Babylon. Drawing parallels to today's modern idolatry rampant in our culture, the book provides God's answers to counteract these pervasive influences. From addressing the cult-like devotion to abortion and the rampant demands for unrestrained sexual rights to the insatiable lust for wealth and power, Dr. Rod Parsley offers a compelling plan for revival and spiritual purification.

Idolatry in America sermon series

In this powerful Disc set, Pastor Rod Parsley addresses the pervasive idols in American culture and offers God's transformative solutions. Drawing from biblical truths and contemporary examples, each disc confronts a different aspect of modern idolatry:

  1. Cultural Idols Exposed: Explore how abortion, sexual ethics, money, power, and technology have become idols in our society.
  2. The Call to Revival: Discover Pastor Parsley's plan for sparking revival and countering moral decline with the Gospel's purifying fire.
  3. Exclusive Insights: Gain deeper understanding with Pastor Parsley's unique insights and perspectives on reclaiming faith and spiritual purity.
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