Idolatry in America

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Idolatry In America (Book; 2024) - Signed Author Edition

In Idolatry In America, Dr. Rod Parsley dives into the timeless wisdom of Jeremiah 50:38, illustrating the consequences of idolatry that befell the ancient kingdom of Babylon. Drawing parallels to today's modern idolatry rampant in our culture, the book provides God's answers to counteract these pervasive influences.
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Tear Idols Down T-Shirt

There is a cure for this cultural epidemic- a way to walk back from the brink of moral and spiritual disaster. The choice is stark. The consequences are severe. The outcome will be stunning. Stand tall and strong wearing your Tear Idols Down T-Shirt to declare your intolerance to the Idolatry in America.

Idolatry in America Sermon Series

We live in perilous times where good is considered evil and evil is considered good. Every day, we see where elements of the culture and self are exalted above the true and living God of eternity. Dr. Rod Parsley exposes those elements and declares that our great God has chosen all of us to become invested in, and involved with His great master plan at this very moment in human history.

Idolatry in America Bundle

The bundle includes both the Idolatry in America book plus the sermon series.